Dante rumore: Vice-president


Dante grew up in a small town in the foothills of the Cascades of Northern California where he had constant access to the outdoors. The majority of his youth was spent exploring the woods and canyons, swimming in creeks and rivers and sleeping outdoors as much as possible. Dante enlisted in the United States Marine Corps prior to graduating High School through the delayed entry program and after enjoying one final Northern California summer with his buddies, he shipped to MCRD San Diego for boot camp in the fall of 1999. Dante served five years in the Marine Corps as an Aviation Radio Repairman. During his service, Dante was stationed in 29 Palms, California, Okinawa, Japan and Aurora, Colorado. While stationed in Colorado, Dante trained reservist and was part of a funeral and color guard detail. Dante had the honor taking part in numerous funeral ceremonies for Marines that served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, during Peacetime, that were killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, unfortunately a Marine that killed himself after two deployments to the middle east.  


Dante had several friends from High School, some that he grew up with since preschool, join various branches of the military, most of whom deployed to Iraq and/or Afghanistan. Many of his buddies experienced physical and/or psychological injuries from their war experiences. Both of Dante’s grandfathers were veterans, one served in WWII and one in the Korean War. 


After separating from the Marine Corps in 2004, Dante knew he had a mission to support his fellow veterans in their post war readjustment process. Fueled by watching his friends’ readjustment challenges, his family history of military service, and his experience at the funeral for the Marine who took his own life after combat, Dante used his GI Bill and VA Vocational Rehabilitation, and often worked full-time jobs, to earn a Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Idaho and a Masters of Social Work at Eastern Washington University. Dante conducted his MSW internship at the Spokane Vet Center, which evolved into a career upon graduation. 


Dante is now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been working at the Spokane Vet Center with combat veterans and their families, veterans that experienced sexual trauma, and family members of military personnel who were killed in service for over 8 years. He is passionate about creating and offering veterans a broad range of options to achieve a meaningful post military readjustment. 


Dante Lives in Sandpoint, ID with his wife, son and dog. Although he continues to enjoy numerous outdoor activities, he primarily focuses his time outside of work and nonprofit service on spending time with his family.