Who we are

Veterans Community Response is a non-profit organization composed of firefighters, veterans and therapists working diligently to support combat veterans in their post war readjustment process. Our programs center on the intention of helping combat veterans develop the skills to navigate their post war challenges to achieve productive and satisfying lives after serving our country. It is our firm belief that with support, compassion and understanding we can create a safe and structured environment that will promote the healing process for all we serve.

VCR has adopted the warrior’s creed “we bring everyone home " and believes this is a community responsibility.  We are proud to rely solely on the resources and volunteerism of our community and our unique collaborative healing approach provides veterans with proven and effective methods to adjust to post-combat life.


What We Do

Veterans Community Response’s initial service to veterans consisted of a single retreat for Post 9-11 veterans in Eastern Washington. We have since expanded to offer six annual retreats in three states (Washington, Idaho and Montana) for veterans of all eras and conflicts. We host several one-day events for combat veterans and their families, we have hosted a summit bid on Mt. Rainier, are actively training veterans to mentor their peers, and have mounted an effective disaster response effort.

Combat Veteran Retreats: VCR hosts four-day retreats for wounded and traumatized Combat Veterans.  Activities include ropes challenge courses, kayaking, rock climbing, yoga, whitewater rafting, Native American sweat lodges, archery, boating and trap shooting.  Throughout our retreats, veterans work with trauma clinicians and peer mentors, sharing effective tools to reintegration and rebuilding trust, confidence, and camaraderie.  Each evening participants gather around a fire circle to explore common post war readjustment challenges and to share tools that may be helpful.

One-Day Events: VCR works with community partners to host several one-day events throughout the year including 3 annual ski days (Silver Mountain, 49 Degrees North and Mt. Spokane), and 2 annual whiter water rafting trips.

Disaster Response: VCR has been building a disaster response plan that will provide needed service to affected populations and service agencies AND provide a platform for combat veterans to do useful and rewarding service work.  In late August 2015, VCR launched a response to the fires raging in the pacific northwest.  VCR conducted immediate aid collection and delivery to affected populations.  We then sent teams of combat veterans and firefighters to fire-struck communities, building 9 structures to aid displaced fire victims in regaining their livelihoods.  (6 pump houses, 1 two story shop, 2 “recovery sheds”)

Where We Are Headed

VCR’s future direction includes the expansion of disaster response efforts through the development of teams of veterans who will work with communities to prepare for and recover from disasters. Through our decade of service to combat veterans, we have come to recognize the scope of this expanding problem and the impact it has on individuals and their communities.   We believe in the healing value of service and have identified the need to connect combat veterans with opportunities to continue serving. Our service-focused approach, where we serve veterans and provide them with the tools and opportunities to serve the community, has made a positive and measurable impact on the lives that we have touched.              

Cohesion Building At Camp Reed

Cohesion Building At Camp Reed

How You Can Help

As our organization grows we remain true to our mission and roots and want to invite you to join us in our mission to fulfill the needs of our nation’s combat veterans. We have many areas in which in help would be welcomed from gifts in kind, retreat volunteers and funding as we rely solely on individual donations. All donations go directly to serving combat veterans of the Inland Northwest.