Serving Combat Veterans of the Inland Northwest Since 2009

Veterans Community Response is a non-profit organization composed of firefighters, veterans and therapists working diligently to support combat veterans in their post war readjustment process. Our programs center on the intention of helping combat veterans develop the skills to navigate their post war challenges to achieve productive and satisfying lives after serving our country. It is our firm belief that with support, compassion and understanding we can create a safe and structured environment that will promote the healing process for all we serve.

VCR has adopted the warrior’s creed “we bring everyone home " and believes this is a community responsibility.  We are proud to rely solely on the resources and volunteerism of our community and our unique collaborative healing approach provides veterans with proven and effective methods to adjust to post-combat life.

Four Day Retreats

Learn more about our Combat Veteran Retreat Program and how you can attend or support.

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Disaster Response

Veterans Community Response is in the process of expanding our mission to include creating opportunities for local combat veterans to continue their service.

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One Day retreats

Learn more about our One Day Retreat (ODR) Program and how you can attend or support.

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Action Over Gestures

We believe in supporting our Nation's Combat Veterans through action. Find out how you can directly support combat veterans in your community.

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